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What does a session look like

All my sessions consist of three parts. These parts I will explain in more detail in the following piece.
What is important for all sessions is the feeling of trust. This certainly applies to hypnosis. A hypnosis is something you do yourself. I am "just" the guide who leads you, this depends on the feeling of trust you have in me and to what extent you are willing to allow yourself to sink into a deep healing trance.
Everyone is different and the subconscious knows exactly what is needed to make the highest serving happen. All answers are already within you. During the session I am fully attuned to you in order to follow and guide your unique process as best as possible. I look with you, as it were.
Sessions with me, as such, do not have a fixed end time, as breaking off a session while you are in the middle of the process is not very helpful. The duration of the session depends on how clear you are about what you are looking for and how much time you need to go through your process. I can give you an indication of the average.Each session stands on its own and I generally do not make standard follow-up appointments. Every person is responsible for his/her own learning process and therefore also in: how much you want to invest in yourself, how often you want to do that, how deep you want / dare to dive into yourself and how fast you want to go. This also includes learning to feel and gain insight into when and whether you are ready for a new theme or a new layer. This is, among other things, what makes you stand in your own strength step by step.

If you would like to experience in advance how it feels to be guided by my voice; please listen to one of my meditations which can be found on my YouTube channel free of charge (and without advertisements).

The three steps

1. All my sessions start with an inventory. Often you already have an idea of what it is you want to look at/insight/support in. It is also possible that you do not really have an idea yet, but you do feel that you are stuck or in need of insight. In the conversation I will tune in together with you and help you by: listening, tuning in and asking questions, to get to the core together with you. Out of your head and back into your feelings. The more clearly you know what it is you want to look at, the shorter the conversation will be.

2. Following the conversation, the session starts. This can be coaching, constellations, hypnosis or meditation. Most people know in advance what kind of session they want. If you don't know, I can advise you during the inventory meeting.

3. After the session we have a final conversation to feel, ask and integrate. In this way, the session can be integrated by you in the best possible way.


If you have any questions before or after the session, feel free to contact me.

The sessions have a long lasting effect, either subtle or very tangible. Give yourself the space to feel, experience and integrate this.





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Natalia and Renske

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