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A simple, pleasant and loving way to come back to yourself. Besides that, in meditation, information can easily come to you and you can also bring healing to your life in a simple way.

Since I am also a transmission channel, I can connect to many different sources. This makes it very easy for me to tune in to the frequency that serves me the most and then transmit it through my voice. 

In addition, on my YouTube channel you will find meditations that I offer freely for anyone to enjoy.

The language of my meditations on YouTube is English.

If you wish, you can join my meditations live. There's also a co-creation meditation with Pammy (her details are underneath Links) and myself . To join, click on the group below.

For the time being I stopped offering my free online groupmeditation.

Personal and group meditations

If you want to return to the present and to your own centre, or if you want healing in a specific area, then my tailor-made meditations are perfect for you.

My meditations can be fully adapted to your personal wishes/needs. 

If you have had a hypnosis regression session with me; then I can make a personalised meditation for you with the healing energy from this session. This meditation will support you to integrate the energies as much as possible and thus make the regression even more intensive and effective.

All meditations are recorded so that you can receive them as audio afterwards.


Meditations for groups are also possible. Just ask for the possibilities. Almost everything can be tailor-made.



Meditation after hypnosis session: 30 min 25 euro

Meditation: 30 min 30 euro

Group meditation online min. 6 persons: 30 min. 7 euro p.p.

Group meditation on location negotiable

To support the importance of cash, there will be a 10% discount on all cash payments from 15 May.





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Natalia and Renske

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