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About me

Years ago I started the search for myself. 

If I had known then what that meant, I would never have started it; It was the start of an intense journey... A journey from diving into your deepest emotions to (re)discovering the magic within yourself. It has made me richer and fuller than I could have ever imagined, standing in my power, light and my truth. It is a way of life, a journey that continues and opens every time on a new layer with new discoveries.

This is what I wish for every person on this earth, the journey to your authentic self so that you can experience what it is to be in your own power and light. Everyone has what it takes to heal and shine themselves and I guide you with love in learning to work with your tools to do that yourself at your own pace and your own way.

We have chosen our incarnation for a reason, just as it is, to learn and evolve to our full potential. That which you now, as it were, unpack within yourself is a gift to yourself for now and all your incarnations to come. It is and remains a journey of opening your consciousness; New insights, new discoveries, more and more fine-tuning, time and time again.

My experiences

I have been able to learn a lot from the difficult learning adolescents aged 12-18, with whom I have worked for about 22 years. In addition, I started training in energy work in 2002 and since then I have made many additions in various areas, to eventually find my own way.

Below is a selection of a number of things I have done.


Healing Reading and Lightworker

Reiki Course 1 + 2 

Relaxation Massage

Homeopathy Course

Family constellation

Munay Ki (Maya)

Batchelor of education in handicrafts


Rots & water coach

PBS coach


Atlantis High Priestess



Now is the time to bring ourselves into our full potential, so that we can come into our full power and fully activate the magic of our roots. My years of healing work and coaching with so many people have taught me to bring people into their own centre, so that the energy can flow freely through them into the world. 


Only when we are in love with ourselves can we be of most service to the world. It is important to embody self-love fully, so that we can reconnect with all other people from our hearts.

Natalia and Renske

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