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Hypnosis is a natural and pleasant way to make contact with the unconscious part of your being. In hypnosis, your brain enters the same state, the théta frequency, as in deep meditation. The difference with meditation, however, is that hypnosis is a very active and interactive state in which you can find insight and healing in a very effective way.

Sessions can be held both online and in my practice.

Costs session 80 euros per hour

To support the importance of cash, there will be a 10% discount on all cash payments from 15 May.

Hypnosis and healing

Hypnosis can be combined with many different healing modalities and is therefore very versatile.

For example, you can think of healing the inner child, processing trauma, removing cords between yourself and another. Clearing family karma can also be very important for your own healing process.

You can also take a journey into your Akasha and experience a meeting with your guides or star family.

I can customise almost anything according to your process/wish. Sometimes what we think we need is not exactly what we need. The unconscious knows exactly what is needed. Therefore, I am perfectly capable of moving with what is important at that moment. 

For more possibilities or questions, please feel free to contact me. 


Past life regression & Higher Self

It may be that in this life, you keep running into the same theme, without really getting to the heart of it. It may very well be that this has a parallel with a previous life. Going back to a past life can bring clarity and healing.


The higher Self is that part of you (your multi-dimensional part) that guides you in your life here on this earth. It also contains all the answers to your own questions concerning yourself. She is the part that is connected to the source and lovingly whispers to you what is for your highest good.

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