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If you are stuck and in need of insight and clarity, I can help you find it (again). My many years of experience in coaching and my background as an energetic therapist mean that I can draw on a broad spectrum of skills. This enables me to tailor coaching completely to your needs.

My speciality and preference lies in the coaching of women.

These conversations can be by phone or online.


We all have moments when we just can't see it all and everything comes flooding in. The overview is gone for a moment and survival mode kicks in.

These are the moments that it can be very nice to get your heart out and have someone look at it with fresh eyes. 

As I am a channel for energy, I do not only hear your words, but I get a very good picture of what is really going on, or what actually needs to be looked at. It may be that one conversation is enough, it may be that you feel you need support more often. Everything is possible. 

Please contact me for the possibilities.

Cost 80 Euro per hour

To support the importance of cash, there will be a 10% discount on all cash payments from 15 May.

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