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Natalia and Renske

Our intention is to share all we have learned (and are still learing ) on our journey to harmony.

We believe that everyone is capable of helping and healing themselves in an easy and natural way in most area's of their lives. The tools to do this should actually be a basic part of our upbringing/education. However, society is not completely there (yet). So we created a channel where we share what we've learned in a light and simple way.

If you feel you want extra guidance on your journey into harmony, feel free to connect with either one of us. We give private sessions separately, we also give sessions with the two of us guiding. Just connect with the one you wish to work with, or state clear in your mail that you prefer a double session.

Costs: 80 euro per hour for one on one guidance

         175 euro per hour for two on one guidance

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Short history

Natalia and I connected with eachother in june of 2021. And looking back I can honestly say that our connection was a harmonious exchange of energy sinds the beginning. 
My awakening, as to say, has been a very long and slow process, until I connected with Natalia. Natalia's awakening was a very short and extremely fast one.
In the beginning she asked me so many questions  anbout self-reflection and self-healing. Her questions helped me reflect on my journey through life and the experiences I had even more. With her big warm loving heart, open mind and clear view on things, her questions lovingly triggered the bananas out of me. This helped me in growing faster than I can remember, and it still does.
This doesn't mean the growing was easy and painfree. However it was as easy and loving as we could make it. 
Together we really mastered the art of healing and surporting ourselves and eachother in a way that is open and harmonious. We compliment eachother with our gifts, with open hearts, willing to learn from eachother in all the vulnerability we are.
Natalia can scan anything she connects with and can go straight to the point, whilst I see the patterns and structures in overview that we formed that can keep us from growing. And when we combine this...magic happens. 
So we decided to start to share the things we've learned and done, and still do with the world. Because most of the things in daily life we can heal ourselves, providing we are given the tools needed.
Whit our YouTube channel we want to provide you with the tools and experiences we've learned and how to use them in a simple, easy and light way. We wish for all of us to thrive and grow together and enjoy our lives as humans on this planet in love and harmony. 

Learning from experience also taught us that working together with someone really helps when going through some bigger topics in order to get the maximum healing possible for that moment.

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