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Women's circle

On Telegram I have a group for women, international, who like to connect and support each other. Every week I offer a cost-free meditation. One week on Monday evening, the other on Monday morning, to give all time zones the opportunity to participate at least once every fortnight. These meditations will be posted on YouTube afterwards, free of charge.

There is also room for other women to share or discover their talents in a safe loving setting.

The language is English.


If it appeals to you...feel welcome!


Women, those who give life, connected to the earth and the cosmos. The time has come for us to connect with ourselves and each other. That our creative power supports and strengthens each other so that we can bring each other and the world back into perfect harmony.

Every woman has a Goddess within her who can bring energy and manifestation into this world. Together we can ensure that everyone can feel again what she really feels and what she really wants to create in this world. Intuition and feelings are a strong potential in women that can be rekindled. Open up to your own power.

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