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Anne-Marie Joosten  Netherlands

I find it very special how Renske senses me intuitively and knows how to apply the right treatment to the right situation. This makes me feel heard and seen. Renske has no judgment, she merely holds up a mirror to you in a loving way (or rather: helps you hold up a mirror to yourself). I hope to learn a lot more from her.


Renske work in a very gentle way, i felt totally at ease with her. We did deep healing and connections with a past life, and higher self and the parallels they have to this life. I feel that her practice has brought me deeper connectivity and richer relations to these areas in my life. I feel very honored and grateful for her work. Much love xxx


Pam  London UK

"I had a past life regression with Renske which was wonderful.  She is caring and nurturing all throughout the hypnosis session. I got quite emotional within the session, which I believe to be healing for me to release some pent up emotions, however I felt very safe and supported throughout and had a deep feeling of relaxation which I needed at the time.  
I thank you Renske for all your help and kindness."


 Melanie Everdiking-Hinz  Germany

Today I was able to experience that the past is an can be changed, just like everything else can be only had an effect in my life until today because I only knew this one possibility/story of the past...and  I believed that to be the I gave it power to work in my I have been allowed to create a new past....with one of my strongest allies...Renske...I am  deeply grateful to make this a reality today.


Professional, Powerful, LovingI received all the space I needed to experience and work out my feelings.


Hypnosis session with Renske was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. She created safe space for me to share my questions and doubts, relax and release all the stuck emotions. The healing I received was powerful and perfectly balanced at the same time. She helped me to connect with my HS and guides and used all her talents to make the session most beneficial for my.
I'm amazed by Renske's kindness and all the love that she brings to the world


Brigitte Bolech Int. Institut für Wirkungs- & Therapieforschung Vienna Austria

Dear Renske ,

 Unfortunately I have only now been able to start working on my book,

but I'm already sending you excerpts that concern you. (more to come later)

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